Mobile Billboard Advertising

Mobile Billboard is an eco-friendly outdoor mobile advertising billboard that delivers brand / promotional messages. Mobile Billboard can be deployed in locally, especially in recreational places.

Mobile Billboard can be deployed in singles or convoy to create a greater presence. Routes are thoughtfully planned to help you reach out to target audience. We go to places where your customers congregate.

Our riders are ambassadors for your brand – personable and always on the lookout for ways to engage with consumers to maximize the impact of your promotional message.

As it is unique, attention grabbing and a moving advertising platform, your target audience will remember you.

Here’s some specifications of the CoolBikeMedia marketing service:

         Ad Size: Double sided, (Approx. Length: 1.2 metre/ Approx. height:1.8metre).

         Billboards: We suggest a minimum of 2 CoolBikeMedia for maximum visibility and effectiveness.

         Staffs: Our friendly promotional billboard walkers interact with the public and hand out your promotional material.

         Optional Uniforms: Cotton t-shirts / polo-tees printed with your logo for maximum brand exposure and impact.

         Optional Add-ons: Promotional locations/venues can be planned accordingly & distribution of promotional items can be    arranged.

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